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New Macbook Pro: 14 Vs 16 Inch - Which Is Better?

Apple Has Recently Launched 14 And 16 Inch Macbook Pro. Which Of These Two Is Better? We Are Talking About [Music] And Will Make You Tired In The Middle. If We Look At The Specs Sheet Of Both The Laptops, These Laptops Are Quite Similar, But There Are Some Major Differences In Each Model.

New Macbook Pro: 14 Vs 16 Inch - Which Is Better?

Apple Has Launched Two Different Variants: Base M3 Chip, Pro 3 Chip, And Max M3 Chip. The Base M3 Variant Is Apple's Starter Model Which Is Budget-Friendly But Sacrifices A Little On Performance. The M3 Pro Model Is One Level Up From The Base And Offers Slightly Better Performance. Ultimately, The M3 Max Variant Can Do Everything, Hence It Is The Most Expensive.

We Mostly Focus On The Size Of Laptops, But Keep In Mind That A Bigger Processor Means A Bigger Screen And Better Battery Life. So Let's Start.

If We Define The Main Two Macbook Pro Models, The 14-Inch One Is Convenient And Portable While The 16-Inch One Is Beastly And Fixed. Both The Devices Are Quite Similar, But Which One Is Better For You Depends On Your Preferences And Needs.

The Big Difference Between The 14 And 16 Inch Macbook Pro Is The Real Estate Of The Screen. Despite The Difference Of 2 Inches, When You Are Using The Laptop For Professional Work Like Video Editing, Then This Difference Becomes Quite Significant. For Professionals, Working With More Screens Means You Can Multitask, Split Windows, And Get More Done At The Same Time.


The Bigger Screen Also Has Some Drawbacks, Such As The Price. You Will Have To Pay More For A Bigger Screen And This Is Not Less. We Are Talking About A Difference Of ₹500. This Means That It Is Quite A Trap. And It Is Not In Anyone's Power To Spend So Much Money.

Additionally, The 16-Inch Macbook Pro Has Been Advertised With Better Battery Life. Due To The Larger Chassis, This Laptop Can Support A Larger Battery, Which Is Beneficial When You Use The Laptop Outside. Additionally, Larger Size Means Fuller Sounding Speakers, Which Are Meant To Produce Better Sound.

But At The Same Time, The Larger Chassis Also Means That This Laptop Is Not Largely Portable. The 16-Inch Macbook Pro Is Not A Convenient Everyday Laptop For Ordinary People. You Cannot Lift It Easily With One Hand And It Is Also Difficult To Move Around With It. The 16-Inch Version Is More Of A Workstation Type Device.

So In The End, What Is Better? The Truth Is That It Depends On You. If You Are A Creative Professional Or Student Who Works At A Busy Desk And Can Afford It, Buy The 16-Inch Version. But If You Are A Day Traveler And Do Not Need A Larger Screen, Then Buy The 14-Inch Version.

Hope This Comparison Will Help You In Taking The Right Decision. Thank You!

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